Impressing God From the Inside Out

We all know fashion is a big thing. How you look, how you present yourself, how you walk and how you talk is all designed to impress others.

What God is interested in is us impressing Him. We can take what He has given us—resources, good looks, talents, even our ability to relate to other people—and “kingdomize” it. In other words, He can stitch those things together and use them for eternal purposes.

Esther was a beautiful lady, she just hadn’t made a connection between her looks and God’s kingdom. God wanted to use the beauty He had given her to place her in a strategic role to protect God’s people for God’s glory and to be a tool for keeping God’s promises.

God’s not impressed with the external; He likes the internal to be beautiful. But, when the external can complement it and reflect the beauty on the inside, you then become useful to God, because He’s got a heart and soul He can use, and it’s in a person He can be proud of.

So, righteously impress others, but more importantly, impress God, because when God is impressed with you, you can be used for eternity and not just for a time. That will fade away. We get older, the clothes fade out, the money dries up, but a righteous man or woman who can be used by God, that pays eternal dividends.
Dr. Tony Evans